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Share Your Files with Session Participants

You can use the Briefcase panel options to upload, introduce, preview, or present exhibit files. The Briefcase panel, which is available within the Prevail Sessions application, and Prevail Briefcase work together to simplify file sharing. If you are a Prevail Member, you can manage your files on the Prevail Platform prior to attending a Session.

Briefcase Panel

During a Session, you can share your files with participants from the Briefcase panel. The panel allows you to quickly access files from your Prevail Briefcase to share with participants as exhibits. You can preview and annotate files, introduce your files to all Session participants, or present your files to participants using the Briefcase panel options.

Prevail Members have access to all Briefcase panel features. Guests can view the Briefcase panel but do not have permission to upload or share files.

Briefcase Panel

Upload a File to Your Briefcase Panel

To present or introduce an exhibit to Session participants, first upload the file to your Briefcase panel. You can upload files by browsing your Prevail Briefcase or by dragging and dropping files directly into the panel. When you upload files from your Prevail Briefcase, you can upload multiple files or select all files in a folder. Your uploaded files appear in the My Documents section of the Briefcase panel and are only visible to you.

Briefcase Panel > Browse Briefcase
  1. On the Session Toolbar, click the Briefcase icon.

    The Briefcase panel opens.

  2. Upload a file to your Briefcase panel...
To Then
Drag and drop files into the panel
  1. Open a file manager.
  2. Navigate to your file.
  3. Click the file and drag it into the Briefcase panel.

    The file appears in the My Documents section of your Briefcase panel.

Browse your Prevail Briefcase
  1. Click Browse Briefcase.

    The Browse Briefcase window opens.

  2. Click My Documents.
  3. Optional: To browse your roster files, click Shared Roster Files.
  4. From the list, select one or more files.
  5. Click Add Selected.

    The file(s) appears in the My Documents section of your Briefcase panel.

Introduce a File to a Session

To make a file available to participants, introduce the file to the Session. Once you introduce a file, it appears in the Session Files section of the Briefcase panel for everyone in the Session to access. If you delete a shared file from the panel, the file is removed from your view but remains available to other participants.

Briefcase Panel > Introduce
  1. On the Session Toolbar, click the Briefcase icon.

    The Briefcase panel opens.

  2. Click the More icon > Introduce.

    The exhibit appears in the Briefcase panel for all participants.

Preview Files in the Exhibit Viewer

Previewing allows you to view or annotate your document before it is visible to participants. When you preview an exhibit, the file opens in the Exhibit Viewer, where you have the option to present. You can use the Exhibit Toolbar options to navigate to a particular page or annotate your document before presenting it to the Session.

Exhibit Viewer

Annotate Files Using the Toolbar Options

Annotate your exhibit files using the Exhibit Toolbar options. You can add text, draw freehand, add shapes, or choose a color to style your edits. While an exhibit is being presented, any participant can annotate the document. Any annotations added to an exhibit are automatically saved to the file.

The Exhibit Toolbar provides access to advanced editing tools, such as undo, rotate, view document outline, pan, and zoom. The Exhibit Viewer also recognizes common keyboard shortcuts such as undo, redo and select all.

Annotate in the Exhibit Viewer

Present Exhibits to Session Participants

Present your documents to participants who can follow along as you navigate the document or add annotations. Supported file types include standard image formats, such as JPG and PNG, PDFs, and standard Microsoft Office formats. To present audio, video, or files 50 MB or larger, use the Share Screen option. Once an Exhibit has been presented, the file is available to all Session participants for download from the Briefcase panel.

Before presenting an exhibit, preview the file in the exhibit viewer, where you can add annotations.

When you present an exhibit, the document appears in the Exhibit Viewer for all participants. Participants can follow along as you scroll through the document by selecting “Auto Scroll” or add their own annotations by using the toolbar options. Any annotations you make to the file are displayed to participants in real-time. Other Exhibit Toolbar options, such as zoom and view outline, are not visible to participants.

Exhibit Viewer
  1. On the Session Toolbar, click the Briefcase icon.

    The Briefcase panel opens.

  2. From the Briefcase panel, choose an exhibit to present.
  3. In the Actions column, in the Choose drop-down, select Preview.

    The Exhibit Viewer opens.

  4. In the Exhibit Viewer, click Present.

    The file opens in the Exhibit Viewer for each participant.

  5. To end the presentation, click Stop Presenting.