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Present Exhibit

When you present an Exhibit, the item replaces your camera feed in your Participant Video Tile.

To present an Exhibit to session participants:

  1. On the Session Toolbar, click the Share Screen icon.
  2. Click Present Exhibit.

    ✔ The Briefcase Panel opens.

    1. Choose an exhibit to present:
If you want to Then
Browse to upload a file
  1. Click the File icon.
  2. ✔ A file explorer window opens.
  3. Navigate to your file.
  4. Double-click to select your file. ✔ The selected file appears in the Briefcase panel.
Drag-and-drop to upload a file
  1. Open a file explorer window.
  2. Navigate to your file.
  3. Click the file and drag it into the Briefcase panel. ✔ The selected file appears in the Briefcase panel.
Upload a file from your Briefcase
  1. Click Browse Briefcase. ✔ The Browse Briefcase window opens.
    1. Click My Documents.
    2. From the list, select single or multiple files.
    3. Click Add Selected Files.
    4. ✔ The selected file(s) appear in the Briefcase panel.
Select an exhibit from the panel
  1. Go to Step 4.
  1. From the list, identify the exhibit you want to present.
  2. From the Actions drop-down, select Preview.

    ✔ The Exhibit Viewer window opens.

    1. Click Present Exhibit.

      ✔ The file is displayed to participants.

      1. To end the presentation, click Stop Presenting.

Dashboard page

The Dashboard is the main Prevail platform page where you can view recent and upcoming sessions. Schedule a new session, join a session, or view your recent flags from the Dashboard page. Access materials from completed sessions in Session Review.

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