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Getting Started

If you are new to Prevail, this section will guide you through everything you need to know to use Prevail Sessions.

System Requirements

To ensure Prevail Sessions functions properly with your setup, check that your device, browser, and internet connection meet the basic requirements for the application.

Network Security & Firewalls

Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) may block or limit access to Prevail Sessions or certain application tools and features. To ensure the best possible experience with your Prevail Session, you may need to configure your network firewall or log out of your VPN. If you need further assistance, please contact your company or firm’s IT department or Prevail Customer Success at

To check your connection, please visit Amazon Chime.

Supported Devices

You will need a Mac or a PC with at least 4GB of RAM to use Prevail Sessions. Mobile device support is coming soon.

Internet Connection

Your broadband connection should have a minimum download speed of 10 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 4 Mbps. A wired ethernet connection is best, while faster upload and download speeds improve system performance.

To test your internet connection speed, please visit Prevail’s Speed Test page.

Supported Browsers

Prevail performs best when used with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Firefox support is coming soon.

To download Google Chrome, please visit Google’s Chrome Download page.

Most newer mobile devices running the latest versions of Chrome (Android or iOS) or Safari (iOS) will be supported soon.

Mobile Support

Prevail Sessions does not currently support mobile devices. If you are attempting to join a Session on a mobile device, we strongly recommend you move to a desktop or laptop computer. If you are unable to access a computer, please use the following guidelines for mobile support.

Android Support

Android devices perform best using the Google Chrome browser. If you are using an Android mobile device, log in to your Session on the Chrome browser. If you need to download Google Chrome on your Android device, please visit the Google Play Store.

When you click the Session link from your email application on your device, ensure the link opens directly in a browser and not the application container. When you tap a link, select the three-dot icon at the top right of the screen to open the menu. From the menu options, select “Open in Chrome.” You can also simply copy and paste the link into the Chrome browser app.

iOS Support

iOS devices perform best using the Safari browser. If you are using an iOS mobile device, log in to your Session on the Safari browser. To download Safari on your iOS device, please visit the App Store.

To follow the Session link from your email application on your device, copy the link and paste it into your Safari browser. Directly pasting the link into the browser will ensure the link does not open in the application container. To copy the link, tap and hold the link text until the menu appears. From the menu, select “Copy Link.” Next, open your Safari browser and paste the link to be taken to your Session.

Audio and Video Equipment

Although you are not required to have any specialized audio or video equipment to use Prevail Sessions, we have some basic recommendations to help you get started. Keep in mind that a quality microphone or headset will improve the accuracy and overall quality of the AI Speech Capture transcription.

To test your audio and video, please visit the Amazon Chime Readiness Check.

Set Up Proper Lighting

Providing adequate lighting is also important for video quality, as is lighting placement. Most appear best on camera using front lighting. If possible, face toward a light source and avoid windows behind you. If you cannot avoid a window in your background, close any window curtains or blinds to minimize a shadow effect.

Test Your Audio and Video

Before joining a Prevail Session, be confident that your system and equipment perform as expected. To ensure your system meets the necessary requirements, we recommend testing your system and equipment before your scheduled Session. A system check is most beneficial for new users and members who have changed equipment or locations since their last Session. We encourage you to perform a system check before your Session by either scheduling a Test Session or accessing the Session link in advance.

Attend a Test Session

To schedule a Session to test your system, please visit the Prevail Test Session page.

Perform a Test Before the Session

Arrive early to your Session to test your system. The sign-in page provides links to check your internet speed and your system’s audio and video. All Sessions open at least 30 minutes before they are scheduled to begin so you can test your system.

To test your internet connection speed, please visit Prevail’s Speed Test page.

To test your audio and video, please visit the Amazon Chime Readiness Check.