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Quick Start

How to Join a Prevail Session

Once a Session is scheduled, all participants who have an email address on file will receive a direct link to join the Session. If you are a deponent, your attorney may provide the link.

When you follow the link, you will be taken directly to the Session page, where you can either sign in to your account or provide your name and email address. Once you submit your information, click “Request to Join” to be admitted into the Session by the Session Host. You can create an account with Prevail at any time to access additional Session features.

Tips for New Users

  • For system requirements and information to help you get started with the Prevail Session Application, visit Getting Started.

  • To learn more about the Session Application and how to use the features, visit Session Application.

  • To contact Prevail Support, please see the Customer Support page.

Most Commonly Used Features